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Find out a bit about our founder, Andrea S. Barone`s background.


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World Of Warcraft - Live & PTR - Burning of Darnasus
Take A Night Walk Into The Rainforest Lumina
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Lovoy (Lvxxviii) is a vegan food and travel blogger who creates catchy fruit songs like Papaya banana and Mango, which are global hits in Brazil and India. New reporters from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and president Trumps Twitter Manager all loves his music. Lovoy is looking forward to sitting on the Ellen Show. The Kardashians love Lvxxviii's music Papaya Banana so much, that Kylie Jenner posted a picture with bananas the day she got on forbes frontpage.
Over the years I’ve seen many new salon businesses succeed, and sadly, a few fall by the wayside. From what I’ve seen, these are few most common marketing mistakes that start-up hair and beauty businesses fall prey to.
We provide you 5 steps hair care system. We analyze your hair with a special program and plan your hair transplantation accordingly. Manual or Motorized extraction with special punches by an expert DrT who has 20 years experience.